The Best way to protect computer. Security suites or Individual soft-wares?

Im currently using:
Windows XP SP2 – currently updated!
Comodo Firewall – Latest and updated!
Avast 4.7 Professional – updated everyday!
Spybot S&D – updated weekly!
Tuneup uttilities 2006 – updated monthly!

thats about it! So is it better to have Individual softwares to protect my computer or do i need to buy one of those expensive, profesional lookin Internet security suites?

so what will it be?

please answer only positive comments!

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  1. Payoli* says:

    umm i really dont by them go to and see the first top downloads then get the adware 2007 edition . i only use that one and ive never gotton a virus and its really easy to use too..
    i wouldnt spend money on it wen u can get it legaly for free…
    here is the source just click on it and down load it
    and run it dont save it then the rest should be easy.

    … ok take care ..

  2. bluecollarpc says:

    Trend Micro Internet 2008 suite is rated best and Vista Ready….


    You could keep Comodo (about best) and break up the suite and get Trend Micro AntiVirus/AntiSpyware package as well….

    SEE VB100 Award for antivirus (top world award for antivirus) and Trend Micro is a winner. Their antispyware has been consistently rated as best with Webroot Spysweeper and CounterSpy since the beginning. In personal testing – it is best.

    Since you like agressive protection you may want to consider A-Squared Anti-Malware if you know how to identify false positives or forget it then if not. Webroot and industrial Sophos Antivirus (VB100 Award winner) put together their suite but firewall takes a few clinker comments.

    Trend Micro firewall has four different settings including home network, normal, laptop wireless -2, and has more features for “attacks”. Comodo is agressive and can be overly tedious to use as it is agressive like hotdog Kaspersky and Norton antivirus products. But – ultimate paranoa sometimes dictates using nothing but agressive security software such as these. They are generally nothing but an annoyance continually submitting “maybe a PUP” (Potentially Unwanted Program).

    this too… (instant check as fast as you click the link, results posted):

    Online Tool Developed to Check for Botnet Activity
    Go To:
    PRWeb via Yahoo! News Wed, 12 Dec 2007 5:00 AM PST
    It is estimated that 1 in 4 computers on the internet today are part of a botnet. After observing bot activity from thousands of compromised computers, local administrator develops easy way to check for botnet activity.


    Transaction Guard
    Note to Trend Micro Internet Security Users: Trend Micro Internet Security already includes all the functionality of Spyware Monitor, plus the ability to remove spyware. Use Spyware Monitor when you are using a computer that does not have Trend Micro Internet Security installed (for example: at a library or an Internet cafe).
    Version 2.0
    Transaction Guard is FREE software that protects you against spyware while performing sensitive online tasks on a public computer, like Internet banking or other financial transactions. Transaction Guard has two components:
    Spyware Monitor – Monitors for spyware and notifies you of any intrusions.
    Password ClipBoard – An on-screen keyboard for securely entering user names and passwords.

    Webmaster http://BlueCollarPC.Net
    (Personal Website – Computing Safety…. we have over 2 million visitors in 2 hyears… stop in for information help)

  3. heebus_jeebus says:

    I don’t believe in security suites. It’s hard enough for a *specialized* tool (antivirus, firewall, antispy) to keep up with all of the malware in its own area, let alone to expect a generalized suite of utilities to be the best in each individual area.

    What you have is similar to mine and is pretty good.
    In addition…

    I use and recommend Comodo’s BOClean for *real-time* antimalware protection:
    > Comodo BOClean:

    Another thing that is similar to the immunization feature of Spybot is SpywareBlaster. It uses no resources; it is a complementary immunization to Spybot:
    > SpywareBlaster:

    McAfee’s Site Advisor installs on your toolbar and gives you a good idea of the safety of a site:
    > McAfee Site Advisor:

    And finally, you need some better on-demand antispyware than Spybot. I use and recommend Superantispyware and Spyware Doctor Starter Edition.
    > Superantispyware:
    > Spyware Doctor Starter Edition:

  4. Computers_luv_me says:

    I like individual as you can then pick the best of all programs. Many suites become bloated and have some very good programs and some that are fair.

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