The danger of counterfeit mobile phones, with hidden Trojans and malware

The question is clear, why having completely solvent mid-range and entry-level mobiles, would we want to get hold of a fake. Well, the reality is that in developing countries these types of mobiles are still seen, which usually copy the external appearance of the most desired high-end mobiles.

New examples of its dangerousness

Today we are talking about this type of device again precisely because a good number of terminals have been discovered that would be infected with malicious software no less than in the system partition, come on, you are infected with malware in a severe way. It is a series of mobile phones that are mere counterfeits of other better-known models, and from the names you can get an idea of ​​what we are talking about.

These models are known as P48pro, radmi note 8, Note30u and Mate40, which are named in this way precisely to generate confusion in the consumers themselves, who, between the similar design and the similar name, end up achieving their objective of deceiving the victims. These versions of popular smartphones are called counterfeitand this example revealed by Doctor Web is one of the best exponents of what we are telling you.

Malicious and outdated software

Hackers are so obsessed with creating devices designed to infect victims that the software they carry is not old, but directly antediluvian. Because these mobiles that have found Trojans and malware inside their system partition, precisely have a version of Android with more than a decade behind them, as it is Android 4.4.2.

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Specifically, these phones have been detected with a clear manipulation in their operating system, specifically two files, the “/system/lib/” and “/system/lib/” that have been modified so that when any app uses one of these libraries, the Trojanization process of the mobile phone is triggered, in such a way that the indiscriminate download of malicious software to the smartphone begins, which is the objective with which this type is created of mobiles.

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These researchers have also been able to discover that when WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business is executed, a new vulnerability, which is capable of opening a third…