The Most Common Mobile Incidents and How to Handle Them

Protect yourself from online attacks that threaten your identity, your files, your system, and your financial well-being.

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If your device is connected to the network, there is always a chance that it can be breached. Your mobile phone falls in this category as well. Mobile incidents can happen anytime, anywhere; it could be a social engineered attack or even a malware attack. We use mobile phones for various purposes – For payments, texting, emailing and storing most of our data. Should a cybercriminal get into our mobile phones, it can steal our valuable data and use it for their benefit. This is why mobile security is of high importance. 

However, every day we hear news of online incidents throughout the world. Even with smart software installed, cybercriminals are still finding their way to plant malware into our devices, hiding deep inside files. Therefore, we should be prepared to face an attack should it happen to us. It is up to an incident response team to identify the hidden threat and recover lost data and stop cybercriminals from hacking the system. 

This article breaks down the different types of mobile incidents you should be wary of and how having an incident response plan can help. 

2 Common Types of Mobile Incidents 

  1. 1.Data breach viamobile device 

Due to mobile phone’s more significant role in operating various operations of large or small organizations, it is at a greater risk of being attacked. A mobile phone consists of personal and organization valuable data. If the incident response plan is not well prepared, then the organizations can be at significant risk.   

  1. 2.Insider attack via mobile device

Identifying insider attacks is challenging because there is very little data available to work on, and security tools have not evolved to their potential yet. There will be an identified suspicious individual and incident responder asked to perform an investigation on the mobile phone in a regular scenario.  

Overall, it becomes harder to make an incident response plan when it is a mobile incident.  

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Author: Nick Mitropoulos, Global Security Manager, Alvarez and Marsal