The risk of insecure protocols in business environments

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This year alone, there have been some of the biggest and most damaging ransomware attacks to date. In the space of just five days in May, there were two major cyber-attacks that rattled governments and private sector organizations around the world. The first, on Colonial Pipeline, forced a week-long shutdown of a major petrol supply line and pushed U.S. petrol prices to their highest since 2014. The second attack, on the Irish healthcare system, resulted in thousands of appointments, cancer treatments, and surgeries being canceled or delayed and patient data shared online. 

Most recently, IT company Kaseya was targeted with ‘the biggest ransomware attack on record’, with cyber criminals demanding over $70 million to restore systems and unlock data. In this case, the attackers targeted a well-established but little-known software firm that would give them access to hundreds of other environments and the full extent of the damage is yet to be determined.