Top 10 Web Security Tools to use for Safe Browsing

The internet has grown beyond our thought. This growth also invited too many risk of hacking and data breach. Just like the digital world advancement, hacking techniques and tools have also become more sophisticated and also threatening. Thankfully, there are web security services in India that offer complete sort of security tools for safe browsing. These security testing tools perform functional testing of a web application that is under observance and to find as many security issues as possible that could potentially lead to hacking. Yearly, there are many cases of data hack or breach that has the potential to bring million-billion loss to companies or the government.

What is Security Testing?

Web security testing assures that data within the information system is highly secured. By undertaking the security testing will help web applications to work against severe malware and other malicious threats that might lead it to crash. Using the right web security tool will help to figure out different loopholes of the web application right in the initial stage. Web security experts in India work on different tools helping to test if the application has successfully encoded security code. Some of the primary areas covered by the web security testing tools are-


•Author- ization


•Confi- dentiality


Top 10 Open Source Security Testing Tools

1.Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

One of the widely used web security tools Zed Attack Proxy is developed by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). It is a multi-platform and open-source web application security testing tool and helps in finding number of security vulnerabilities in a web app during the development as well as the testing phase. The tool can be used with equal ease by newbie as that by experts. ZAP is written in Java and helps to intercept a proxy for manually testing of the webpage. Some of the key highlights of this web security tool are-

•Automatic scanning

•Easy to use


•Rest-ba- sed API


Wapiti is one of the leading web security tools for testing purpose. This free of cost and open source security tool is developed by SourceForge. This tool…