Top 15 features you need to check out

So, you recently got the Nothing phone (1) and are done admiring the brilliant design of the phone. You’re ready to make the most off the smartphone and enable all of its best features. However, if you’re coming from an older iOS device or a heavy skin like Xiaomi’s MIUI, you may find the stock-like interface of NothingOS a bit confusing to get around.

Worry not, here are the top 15 settings and features on the Nothing phone (1) that you need to check out before you start using it.

Enlarge folders on the home screen

Nothing phone (1) has a unique implementation for the organisation of folders on your home screen. When you group multiple apps into a folder, you can long-press on the folder to enlarge it. The folder will now not only appear bigger, but also allow you to access the first three apps in the folder directly, while the rest of the folder can be accessed by pressing the bottom-right group of icons in the folder.

Enable Tap to wake, Lift to Wake

If you like skipping the process of pressing the power button to light up your screen or have a quick glance at it to check your notifications, one setting you need to enable is ‘Lift to wake’. You can find it at Settings/ Display/ Lock Screen and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can also use ‘Tap to wake’ or leave both toggles on to use both simultaneously.

Enable battery percentage

You can enable a numeric battery percentage on the top right corner of your screen if you find the simple battery icon a little hard to read, or simply need a more accurate guess of how much battery is left. To do this, navigate to Settings/ Battery/ Battery percentage and turn on the toggle next to the setting. You should see a battery percentage sign pop up next to the battery icon on your status bar immediately.

Use Screen Attention

Screen Attention is one of Android’s most underrated features, and while you don’t get the option on a lot of devices, the Nothing phone (1) is one of the phones to make use of this neat trick. When Screen Attention enabled, the phone will not lock the display when it is angled directly at your face.

This overrides the default setting of automatically locking your display…