Top 20 best films about hackers and programmers

We’re presenting you a selection of films about hackers, programmers, and computer geniuses that everyone should watch. This article is about the best flickers of recent years in these topics.

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The Matrix

“TRON: Legacy”

  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.9/10;
  • Imdb rating – 6.8 / 10;
  • Year of issue – 2010;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by Joseph Kosinski;
  • Genre – fantasy, adventure, action;
  • Running time is 125 minutes/02:05.


Tron: Legacy is a sequel to Tron (1982) directed by Steven Lisberger. The picture continues the story of the virtual world, where Kevin Flynn got in. However, now the main character was his 27-year-old son – Sam Flynn. He accidentally gets hit by a laser that digitizes him and sends him into the cyber universe.

Once in a new world, the hero gets into trouble. He was forced to participate in gladiator fights to the death. Sam very quickly was able to understand the rules of the virtual world – this helped him stay alive. Later, the hero comes to Clu (corrupt ruling program), which turned out to be a cyber-clone of his father. Sam learns that Clu rules this world and wants to take over the portal to the real world.

In the cyber universe, Sam meets all sorts of people. First, he is rescued by a girl named Quorra, and later he meets Zyus, the owner of the End of the Line Club. Whether the hero will be able to get out into the real world, you will find out when viewing.

Reasons to watch Tron: Legacy

  • The special effects in the film can easily compete with the films of 2022. The costumes and virtual scenery are well done, and the blue lighting on the characters and objects is pleasing to the eye. The world of Tron is filled with cold and cozy futurism;
  • The authors of the film managed to logically continue the story without departing from the original. The protagonist is faced with many of the situations that his father found himself in. Thanks to this, the sequel retained the spirit of the first part;
  • Soundtrack. The musical accompaniment fits into the setting of the story and conveys the mood of the film. For example, the duet Daft Punk plays here.

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