Top 3 Green Dot Phishing Scams 2022: Fake COVID-19 Assistance, Security Alert, and Bonus Benefit Program

Have you received any messages from Green Dot Corporation, the famous prepaid card issuer in the United States? Recently we’ve seen a wave of phishing attempts disguised as Green Dot — don’t fall for them!

How Green Dot Phishing Texts Work

Posing as Green Dot, scammers send you text messages with phishing links and try hard to lure you into clicking them. Their excuses may vary, for example, fake security alerts, bogus gift offering, or a fake COVID-19 benefit program.

No matter which tactics they use, the scammers’ ultimate goal is your personal information. Once you click on the attached phishing link, it will take you to either a fake Green Dot log-in page where you’re asked to enter a user ID and password, or an online form that collects other personal data.

Top 3 Green Dot Phishing Scams

#1 Fake COVID-19 Assistance

Scammers promote a non-existing COVID-19 benefit program and prompt you to apply for it via the phishing link. Don’t get scammed!

  • This is from the greendot company, in conjuction with the US Federal Government for the assistance for the COVID-19 benefit. To all qualified GreenDot Bank users to access the free payment of $10,000. This payment requires absolutely no time as it’s free. To claim funds visit and fill the form below; ¬†   {URL}
  • Hello my name is Janet Laura. Have you being contacted by the GREENDOT BANK for COVID-19 Assistant, I got $5,000 every month as a benefit payment to pay off my bills . You don’t have to pay it back,Mind you this is real and legitimate For more information Visit {URL}

The attached link leads you to a site made by Wixsite, and it’s definitely NOT legitimate! (Note: the genuine web address of a Green Dot website should end in

Scam Alert_Green Dot_COVID_20220623png

#2 Fake Green Dot Benefit Program

Besides the pandemic, a $1,000 bonus also serves as a great hook to entice you:

  • Hello Green Dot Bank is giving out a $1,000 bonus to all Green Dot Bank customers and all FDIC bank accounts member users click on the link below to claim your bonus. {URL}
  • Hello my name is Trevor Kristen.. Have you being contacted by the GREEN DOT COMPANY?. I got $100,000 in my Green Dot when i apply for it and you don’t have…