Top 5 Internet Security Challenges Today-You Must Know

From governments to small or big companies, the internet has become the backbone of every sector. But, nowadays, internet security is also a severe problem for all.

Starting from online shopping, money transactions, playing games on sites like or even buying cars and lands—securing the data like credit cards or Login details is one of the biggest challenges in recent times.

Cyber threats can come in different forms like ransomware, blockchain, or phishing attacks. 

So, let’s check out the top 5 internet security challenges and how we can protect our personal and professional data from any potential attacks.

1. Ransomeware attacks

It is the most lucrative type of internet attack, destroying thousands of small and large businesses every year. It involves hacking the data and would not allow the users to access it until they pay the ransom amount. 

Ransomware attacks cause massive losses for individual users as well as companies who need to access the data regularly. To prevent this attack—companies should have Endpoint Protection solutions to protect all business devices from malicious applications.

2. Phishing attacks

It is a type of social engineering attack by hackers to steal the user’s data like their Login details or credit card information. It is not like ransomware attacks. The cybercriminals gain access to the data and then use it for their own purposes like illegal money transfers or shopping. 

Another way hackers regulate phishing campaigns is by stealing the business e-mail account passwords and then using it requesting for payments. Recently, Google stated that it blocks more than 100 million phishing e-mails daily.

3. Cryptocurrency and blockchain attacks

While blockchain or cryptocurrency attacks are not major concerns for average internet users, they may create problems for big companies. Its digital transaction has become a new challenge for data security.

Many blockchain attacks like Sybil, DDOS, and Eclipse have already made headlines regarding the vulnerability of digital wallets. So, it is crucial for a business that uses blockchain to keep a good eye on its IT infrastructure. And also try to improve its cloud…