Top 5 stories of the week: DeepMind and OpenAI advancements, Intel’s plan for GPUs, Microsoft’s zero-day flaws

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This week, Googled-owned tech lab, DeepMind, unveiled its first AI that is capable of creating its own algorithms to speed up matrix multiplication. Though it’s taught in high school math, matrix multiplication is actually fundamental to computational tasks and remains a core operation in neural networks.

In the same vein, OpenAI this week announced the release of Whisper — its open-source, deep learning model for speech recognition. The company claims the technology already shows promising results transcribing audio in several languages.

Joining the innovation sprint this week, Intel detailed a plan to make developers’ lives a bit easier, with a goal to make it possible to build an application once that can run on any operating system. Historically, this was a goal of the Java programming language, but even today the process is not uniform across the computing landscape — something Intel hopes to change.

On the security front, enterprise leaders had several new announcements to take note of this week, including the zero-day flaw exploit in Microsoft’s Exchange Server. The company confirmed that a suspected state-sponsored threat actor was able to successfully exfiltrate data from fewer than 10 organizations using its staple platform. 


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