Top 8 Cheap Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates of 2023

If you are here, we are sure you know the crucial role of website security in a successful online business. HTTPS is no more a luxury – it has become the need of the hour in terms of security and business. Websites that do not have a valid SSL certificate are marked as ‘Not Secure’ by browsers. Moreover, search engines such as Mozilla and Google have set HTTP security as a ranking parameter for their search rankings.

As of June 5, 2021, a Google Transparency Report claimed that 95% of the website traffic was encrypted across Google. So if your website and its subdomains are yet to be secured with HTTPS, we will help you find the best cheap Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates of 2023. 

We have created a list of affordable Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates based on customers’ and experts’ experiences and reviews. All prices of the certificates are based on one year of service, paid annually.

Which are the Best Cheap Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates of 2023?

  • Certera Multi-Domain Wildcard (FLEX)
  • Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Wildcard (FLEX)
  • Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL Wildcard (FLEX)
  • Certera Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL
  • Comodo UCC Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Sectigo OV UCC Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Sectigo OV Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

With a single Wildcard SSL certificate, you can secure all subdomains. However, when you plan to buy it for your website, you will come across multiple options available in the market. Opting for the one considered best for your business hugely depends on your security requirements. For instance, if your main goal is to secure your main domain and its subdomains, your best bet is a wildcard. However, you can use a Multi-domain Wildcard certificate if you want to secure multiple domains and their related subdomains.

1. Certera Multi-Domain Wildcard (FLEX)

Certera Multi-Domain Wildcard is a flexible SSL certificate that, by default, secures the 1 main FQDN and 2 SANs, along with an upgrade of up to 247 normal SAN or Wildcard SAN. It is a pocket-friendly SSL that saves you from various SSL-related expenses, such as eliminating redundant and time-intensive tasks like CSR generation and…