Top data breaches and cyber attacks of 2022

Regrettably, cyberattacks and breaches are big business – bad actors with an endless stream of nefarious motives populate the internet, ready to pounce on insecure data and immature security practices.

There’s no shortage of attacks and breaches, and that can make it hard to manage if you like to keep up with the latest security news.

Happily, we’ve done the hard work to round up ten of 2022’s top breaches and cyberattacks so far. They’re not in any particular order, but you should read on if you want to find out how significant an attack can be – and if you want to learn how to avoid the same issues.

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Cryptocurrency is big business, so it’s no wonder that was subjected to a serious breach at the start of 2022. The attack took place on January 17th, and targeted nearly 500 people’s cryptocurrency wallets.

Despite the blockchain being a relatively secure transaction method, the thieves used a pretty simple method to get the job done: they circumvented the site’s two-factor authentication (2FA). They stole $18 million of Bitcoin and $15 million of Ethereum.

Initially, described the hack as a mere “incident” and denied any theft, but clarified the situation a few days later and reimbursed the affected users.  


Computing giant Microsoft is no stranger to cyberattacks, and on March 20th 2022 the firm was targeted by a hacking collective called Lapsus$. The group posted a screenshot on Telegram to indicate that they’d managed to hack Microsoft and, in the process, they’d compromised Cortana, Bing, and several other products.

The hackers made off with some material…