Tops apps Android users should download now to get most secure coverage on their device

THE very best apps for secure Android usage have been revealed by users across the internet.

Complex software is helping to meet the numerous security needs that come with safely using these devices.

Androids are at risk for getting hacked, but these app's have your phone's back


Androids are at risk for getting hacked, but these app’s have your phone’s back

Regardless which Android phone you have, extra security features can only help safe smartphone use, SecurityDegreeHub (SDH) reported.

The following apps can help you meet your safety concerns.


Avast offers up a free download, and paying a monthly subscription will give you access to the desired features.

They give you protection from malware, phishing, spyware, and damaging viruses such as Trojans.

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With the use of the Anti-Theft feature, subscribers can track their phone’s location and even control it remotely, according to SDH, while the “Sandbox” function acts as virus prevention.

Another plus is that iPhones can also use it, so if you like the app, pass it on to your Apple-cult friends.


Similar to Avast, Lookout is around to provide Android users with a one-stop-shop security experience.

In addition to covering all the basics, like phishing, malware, and even phone tracking, a System Advisor will check your OS to make sure root operations are functioning as they should.

Those needing an extra boost of protection can even get $1million Identity Theft Insurance for those with extensive risk, like security executives, according to SDH.


Orbot is a free proxy app, and it is available to use for anyone 12 or older.

A huge focus of Orbot’s is to encrypt your internet browsing information, with the use of several computers SDH said.

This encryption process makes internet browsing private, so watching and messaging anything you’d like remains for your eyes only.

The app is 100 percent free, and it was put forth by the Guardian Project, which focuses on protecting and masking the identities of internet users who wish to keep their treasured information non-public.