Torq Appoints Talha Tariq to Company’s CISO Advisory Board | Business


Torq today announced that Talha Tariq has joined the company’s CISO Advisory Board. Talha, currently Vice President & Chief Security Officer at HashiCorp, will advise the company on product direction and marketing messaging, providing key insight into building industry-leading security teams for today’s digital, distributed businesses.

Talha has built a dynamic, forward-looking security organization at HashiCorp. His experience with protecting a large, distributed organization and vast customer bases gives him unparalleled insight into how companies scaling in today’s digital-first world can keep their employees, data, and customers safe. We’re excited to have him join Torq’s CISO Advisory Board, ” said Ofer Smadari, Torq CEO.

Torq’s no-code automation eliminates mundane and repetitive work from the lives of security professionals worldwide, unlocking their potential and productivity alike. Torq’s CISO Advisory Board is composed of select industry luminaries who work alongside Torq’s product, security, and marketing teams as they seek to transform the cybersecurity industry from one focused on threats to one focused on people.

Teams using Torq benefit from a radical shift in culture. Instead of security engineers and analysts working tirelessly to keep pace with business needs, they can invest their valuable time in innovative, creative work that keeps the whole team operating faster, focused on business results, and the company better protected. It’s a game-changing approach to security automation and operations, ” said Talha.

Talha is the Chief Security Officer at HashiCorp, which provides infrastructure automation software for multi-cloud environments. He has 20 years of experience building and scaling security programs from startups to Fortune 100 organizations. Prior to HashiCorp, Talha served as CISO of Anki & FinancialForce, Director of Security Consulting at PwC, and has held various security leadership positions at Microsoft and NCR. He has also led a variety of engagements around the…