University security team | About

The team are based within the main Cottrell teaching building and have a reception at the Queens Court entrance. Support is provided on a 24/7 basis, 365 days per year. We use mobile and foot patrols coupled with the university CCTV system to identify were assistance is required.

The purpose of the security team is to allow the campus community, student, staff and visitor to operate in a safe and secure environment. To this end the team are responsible for:

  • security of students, staff, visitors and buildings
  • provision of first aid support
  • operation of the campus CCTV system
  • access to locations
  • liaison with police, fire and ambulance services
  • escorting and directing ambulances on campus
  • patrolling of campus and off campus residences
  • car parking enforcement
  • emergency procedures
  • reporting of defects to infrastructure of the campus
  • assisting with visitors to the University
  • assistance at campus events, such as graduation
  • advice on safety and security for campus users
  • single point of contact for out of hours emergencies
  • control of the campus radio system

We are here to help the campus community.

Campus CCTV

There are around 150 CCTV cameras situated throughout the campus and the off campus residences. They are operated by officers within the security control room at the Queens Court reception of the Cottrell building. The operation of the system is guided by the university CCTV policy. Only authorised persons can view the cameras and footage.

Security Control Room

The control room is staffed 24/7, 365 days per year.

The non-emergency contact for the control room is 01786 467003 from an outside line or extension 7003 internally.

The emergency contact number for the control room is 01786 467999 from a mobile or extension 2222 internally

Emergency Services Contact

Police – the university is covered by Police Scotland through its Forth Valley Division.

In a non-emergency, you can contact the police on 101. When you are asked which police service, you should say Police Scotland and you will be put through to their service centre.

You can also contact the security team and we would liaise with the Police on your behalf.

As always the emergency number for the police is 999.