Urgent security warning for Android users over ‘dangerous’ new bug that’s spread across the world

A DANGEROUS malware bug is spreading across the globe and affecting Android users.

The so-called “Xenomorph Android” malware was first spotted last year, but has returned: and can endanger your bank applications.

A new malware is circulating around the globeCredit: Getty
Android users are encouraged to be extra alertCredit: Getty

Now, the bug is back, with worries that it’s spreading quickly without many knowing they have it on their device.

More than 400 baking applications and digital wallets are being targeted by the vicious virus.

Experts at TreatFabric said the malware can automatically hack accounts, including stealing bank account balances.

The bug can also make unauthorised transactions, and transfer money to other accounts without permission.

Xenomorph can now “completely automate the whole fraud chain”, from infecting software to making illicit transactions.

The attacks are concentrated with users in Spain, Turkey and the United States, but experts are worried it could spread.

Android owners have been warned to watch out when downloading any new applications.

Reading reviews and checking the names of developers on applications is a good way to ensure it’s reliable, and not malware.

This comes on the tails of Apple issuing a warning to iPhone users earlier this week.

Users are being urged to utilise the built-in security features on iPhone to protect your data and personal information.

The four part security checkup asks users to begin by setting a strong passcode.

Apple said: “Setting a passcode also turns on data protection, which encrypts your iPhone data with 256-bit AES encryption.”

Using Face ID or Touch ID adds an extra layer of protection, providing a secure and convenient way to unlock your iPhone, authorize payments, and sign in to third-party apps.

Turning on the “Find My” feature is a great help as it can find your device if it’s stolen.

It also allows you to erase your data if you can’t recover your device.

You can also control what features are available without unlocking your iPhone.

Disabling access to certain features can keep your device safer – for example, USB connections.

Android users are asked to be vigilant when downloading new applications