Users take the cheese to solve data breaches

Cheese Movers International’s restructuring resulted in some employees being unhappy with either their new role or the new management. And unhappy employees, especially those who know the system well and have access, can become major problems for companies.

Verizon’s RISK Team was called in because the multinational company had heard rumblings among the disgruntled employees and found some negative comments online. While there was no evidence of a data breach, Cheese Movers’ upper management was concerned something was coming.

This is just one case found in Verizon’s recently released annual breach report, which examines some of the cases where the RISK Team was called in to hunt down culprits. The “ride–along edition” of Verizon’s report provides a first-person perspective of the company that calls in the heavy hitters to find out why the network has slowed, who defaced a website or where a leak is coming from. With all the accounts, the names of the companies have been changed to protect the brand from public ridicule.

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