Vietnamese Hackers Reinvent the Ducktail Malware Twice in Three Months

Hackers are targeting Facebook Business accounts, cryptocurrency, and credential information using a new PHP variant of the Ducktail malware. According to ZScaler, this new iteration of the malware is designed to carry out infostealing attacks like its predecessor but with certain operational differences.

Ducktail is an infostealer that originated in Vietnam a few years ago. It received upgrades in July 2022 for a new campaign to target LinkedIn users using social engineering as the vector, as documented by WithSecure.

Now, ZScaler discovered that the new PHP-based Ducktail variant shares its malicious intentions with the previous .NetCore-based variant of Ducktail, i.e., exfiltrating credentials-related information saved in web browsers, Facebook account information, and more.

The difference lies in how it approaches information theft. Instead of leveraging Telegram as the command and control (C2) channel to exfiltrate data, the PHP-based Ducktail exfiltrates and later stores stolen data on a newly-hosted website in JSON format.

The new Ducktail variant is being distributed through cracked or free versions of Office applications, games, subtitle files, porn-related files, etc., to target the general public instead of employees with specific organizational roles, indicating a shift in its usual modus operandi.

Threat actors behind the Ducktail malware are financially motivated and carefully select their targets, such as those in managerial roles or those from the finance/accounting, digital media or HR departments who may have access to an organization’s financial resources.

For instance, the malware will try to gain payment details of its victim’s Facebook Business Ads Manager and redirect them to its operators’ accounts. However, the threat actors have expanded the scope of who their victim can be, to now include the average user.

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“It seems that the threat actors behind the Ducktail stealer campaign are continuously making changes or enhancements in the delivery mechanisms and approach to steal a wide variety of sensitive user and system information targeting…