Vizag cops take MSCD to detect suspected criminals

Visakhapatnam: Keeping in view the rush at public places during the summer vacations and the free movement of the public after end of the Covid19 restrictions, the Vizag City Police (VSP) has intensified its vigil via the Mobile Security Check Device (MSCD) to detect people with a criminal history.

In 2021, nearly 10,000 suspects were detected and their fingerprints verified through MSCD devices by the personnel attached with all the 23 police stations in the VSP jurisdiction, covering the nearly 25 lakh population.


This year, 3000 odd numbers of suspects were examined from January till date. However, the number of offenders of various police cases identified through the verification process was negligible, official sources informed Deccan Chronicle.

A senior police officer said, “In fact, we paused for a while with the MSCD system for verification of suspects in the city during the third wave of Covid19 from January to February. We resumed doing it in recent days. The criminal background of the suspects offender is immediately known. Their nationality does not matter here. We can get the crime history of the person from any part of the country.”


According to the crime wing of the VSP, the system detects the images of the suspects by just touching the fingerprints with the help of MSCD. The device is attached to an Android-based mobile or tablet to detect the images of the suspects just by touch of fingers and shared with the AFIS server for automatic matching against the database for real time identification in the field.

“We did not find many numbers of offenders with the help of the MSCD this year, but the number of searches are increasing daily and the verification of numbers of suspects is also increasing due to the summer. During this time, there is the rush of tourists, passengers and visitors in bus stations, parks, beaches,” a police officer told DC.