What antivirus – Internet security should I buy for my wireless computer?

I have encountered a lot of issues with the firewall settings for windows. It seems that the settings go out of range very offen and I am unable to use the internet. Do you recommend any special antivirus-internet securty software for avoid this issue in the future? I presently have Nortron Security and the renewal is coming soon. Should I change?

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  1. Kevo2k7 says:

    Yeah change to Avast anti virus its free,very good,very small on the resources and automatically updates itself,Norton sucks i cant b elieve people pay for that rubbish.

  2. S M says:

    Norton Security is one of the best on the market, I wouldn’t change it. Your Norton internet should have a firewall already. i would check that and if it does I would disable your windows firewall, only if you are certain Norton has a firewall program included. Multiple firewalls on a machine can cause conflicts and problems.

    Some of the freewareAVs are hogs and slow your comp down. I referenced a good article from Maximum PC for all the nay say cheapskates who swear by the free antivirus.


  3. Bassman1 says:

    I have used Norton for yrs. with out any problems, just updated to the new version, Norton Internet Security 2009. It runs all scans in the back ground and is faster than previous versions. Use only the Windows fire wall or the one in Norton, if you turn on the one in Norton it will turn off the one in Windows.
    Hope this helps

  4. Chuck says:

    I would recomend malewarebytes.com It’s proven very successful and has picked up a lot of things that would have messed up my PC. Also Superantispyware.com is pretty good too. Both update their definitions daily so long as you keep up with it. Both are free unless you want to pay $20 for real time protection. Just go to either site to download either program.

    I hope this helps…

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