What are Five Key Challenges in Endpoint Security for 2021?

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What are Five Key Challenges in Endpoint Security for 2021?

What are five key challenges in endpoint security for 2021? 

It’s officially Q2 of 2021, and already we find ourselves in the midst of one of the worst cybersecurity years on record. Breach upon breach upon breach, resulting in millions of users’ data already exposed and dozens of reputations tarnished. 

So making endpoint security, which prevents the exploitation of devices and other network gateways by threat actors, a priority proves essential. However, before you can select an endpoint security solution, you need to under the five key challenges in endpoint security most common in 2021. Without this understanding, you might just select a solution for selecting a solution, leading to overcomplicated and overburdened security networks. 

Five Key Challenges in Endpoint Security for 2021

1. Data Loss

Migrating to the cloud and otherwise undergoing a digital transformation offers plenty of benefits for enterprises of all sizes. The cloud provides new means of communication, collaboration, creation, and synthesis all of which contribute to the bottom line. 

However, scaling the IT environment like that causes several challenges in endpoint security. Specifically, you can easily lose track of all of the data following through the network. For example, your users could create a brand new database in a public cloud to help them finish a project…and then just leave it up for discovery and exposure by hackers down the line. Alternatively, emails flow in and out of your environment every day. Do you know what’s actually leaving the network at any given moment? 

You need to if you want to keep your sensitive data secure. This is where data loss prevention (DLP) enters the conversation. It prevents critical data from leaving the network without permission and prevents users from uploading data or creating databases without authorization. You can keep a better eye on all of your data through your network, regardless of size. 

2. Remote Workers

Keeping an eye on your data can prove a hassle. Keeping an eye on all your workers even as they operate across multiple Wi-Fi connections and multiple devices while dealing with the fallout of a global pandemic? Rather more…