What are your internet security pain points?

What do you dread the most? Find annoying? I’m interested in hearing stories from IT professionals about what is the hardest thing either on or off site with internet security at your companies.

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  1. duct_tape_is_good says:

    viruses and firewalls.
    more newbish users have excessive problems with both, some dont even know they have firewalls, causes certain programs to malfunction et cetera.

    another common problem is wireless networks.
    what with people just plugging wireless APs in and expecting instant security.

    mostly i dread phone contact with any clients. it’s a pain in the ass :)

    also, there are the people who yell at you about having a bachelors in computer science, so they must know everything.
    doesnt help to be yelling at the professional and generally makes me leave or hangup/deny service

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