What can you tell me about computer security?

I don’t have a field specifically that want to know about, I just want a new thread to study. Please don’t just give me a link, summarize the article as well. I know quite a bit, but I just want to expand. If need be look at some of my best answers.

Anyway, the person that gives me the most intriguing information will get the 10 points. I tell you this so that you don’t think that I will take the answers and run.

PS. Please don’t tell me which AV or proxy is the best. That isn’t what I want to know. Tell me about TCP/IP insecurities or MITM attacks on ssh and ssl, things like that. Just something fun.

PSS. And no, I have no intentions to go “hack” (crack) my neighbor’s wifi.

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  1. Jeremie I says:

    The best computer security can be summed up on the last rule of any decent firewall – Deny any any.

    The most popular OS system is flawed in that aspect alone, and is prone to attack because it is developed in a manner to allow for several possibilities. The key aspect to any security is to deny all and create exceptions as needed. That is the est computer security.

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