What do I need to add to my computer for security?

I use windows firewall (I have windows xp sp3), firefox (with adblock and noscript). I have comcast internet. I surf and play games online but most of the time it is just for school. I also do not open emails because everything has a preview mode now. I run online virus/malware scans but they never find anything. What should I change/add that is free?

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  1. 'clowN' says:

    1 Antivirus I suggest Avira AntiVir free edition it the best with the best detection rates., superantispyware free edition, and malwarebytes free edition with these you should be fairly well protected.

  2. dcb30344 says:

    advise, do not download another anti virus program, why comcast already allows you to use a free virus protection called mcafee security suite. If you do you will run into software problems with the free anti virus software these other people are suggesting to download and use. but you can use the spy bot search and destroy soft ware because it is not a anti virus program. it is a spyware removal tool and a good one to use. also use ccleaner, go to ccleaner .com and download the software. seems like you know what you are doind with what you are saying in your question. keep up the good work.

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