What do you suggest for a computer security system?

I have tried McAfee & Nortons but still not as affective. Is there any other security that you suggest.

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  1. tempo1 says:

    Do you really want to spend a lot of money in this bad ecomomy?

    Good security can be had for free, its just not in a neat all-in-one “security suite”

    For good computer security on a Windows computer, and to prevent virus and other malware you need to do a minimum of 4 things.

    1. Run a firewall.

    2. Use a good anti-virus with real-time protection.

    3. Do a regular scan with a dedicated anti-spyware,

    4. Keep Windows and all your other installed software, 100% updated and patched with all important and security updates.

    My recommendations:

    1. For the typical home user of XP or Vista, Windows Firewall is adequate, even more so if one is using a router, which is a very good firewall in itself. Make sure your Windows Firewall is turned “on”.

    2. For your Anti-Virus……I would suggest Avast, the newest version 4.8. Avast now includes anti-virus, some anti-spyware capability and anti-rootkit components. And all for the low low price of free. You can get it here:

    (Always use only 1 A-V…You must NEVER use more than one anti-virus, Even an expired anti-virus can cause a major conflict…did I mention that you MUST uninstall any and all, old anti-virus products?)

    3. For your Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware needs…
    Scan with SUPER on a regular basis.

    They have a free version.

    4. Use Secunia PSI to insure that all your software is kept always updated and patched against vulnerabilities that are often exploited to compromise computers. Very important, unfortunately often overlooked by the user, but not the black-hats that code the malware! They know exactly where the weak points are.


    Its free as is everything else here.

  2. REDMAN says:

    These AV`s are all free and good. I prefer AVG, been using it for 3 years with no problem.

    You also could use some good anti spyware;

    You should also download 1 of these programs to warn you of risky websites.

    For a good cleaner use this.

    Online scanner: very good..

  3. rsmd49 says:

    I think you would be very satisfied with this set-up. Everything here is completely FREE and very good:

    Avira Antivir (best detection of any free app):
    Malwarebytes anti-malware:
    COMODO Pro firewall or PC Tools firewall:
    WOT safe web advisor:

    This is optional but I like the added security it provides…
    ThreatFire (heuristics detection):

    If you choose to use COMODO as your firewall, BE SURE to disable it’s anti-virus program if you choose any other AV program to use. Two (2) AV’s will cause MAJOR problems on one computer…

    GOOD LUCK !!!

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