What do you think about internet security?

What do you think about internet security? Do you think that it is detrimental or safe? Please provide useful links.

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  1. Winston says:

    It is a misnomer. There is no such thing, unless you believe in fairies. The Internet is not secure and will never be. Ever heard of anti-western subversion. There is proof that the Internet is not secure and will never ever be.

    Internet was made from the quest to make security possible for the USA. Its rooted in arpa.

  2. David says:

    i think internet security is very much needed. and i feel that people should read up on it in order to see for them self’s why it is needed.

  3. Double R says:

    Just hang around here long enough you will find out how much you really need internet security. There is alot of good free advise given out around here. People trying to help. But there are those that are not here for the good we try to do. lets just say somebody out thar don’t like all this free.

  4. michael s says:

    There are some very good FREE anti-virus products that will compete with the big boys like Norton and Kaspersky…due to misconception..some people believe that FREE programs are worse then the paid versions…THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE !!!!!……..Go to AV comparisons.org…..they will give you the truth…well close enough for me at least….Some of the FREE programs are better than the paid ones…contrary to some who don’t believe that…..

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