What do you think about my computer security?

I have Windows Defender, AVG, Malwarebytes, Windows Firewall, and Microsoft Security essentials (downloaded that one today). I am also thinking of downloading Spybot search and destroy. Should delete anything or install anything. Plus if this matters i also have cc cleaner.

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  1. the STIG says:

    windows defender sucks!
    get some real anti virus don’t be cheap on this kind of stuff like SS number and identity theft also credit card info.
    look in google best antivirus that doesn’t slow down computer performance, don’t get norton i mean I have no viruses with norton just that it really slows down the computer, i only use it cuz it costs me only 5$

    My bad didn’t read your entire post, Spybot is the best free antivirus get that one!

  2. Dave L says:

    Sounds like plenty to me, although I would add spybot just because it’s one of the best at getting rid of spyware and ads. Adaware from Lavasoft also works.

  3. zep516 says:

    OOPS Only 1 Anti Virus program should run very important. Running 2 will not add additional protection and will slow down the machine. If both active Anti Virus programs try to scan the same file computer could crash. I’d get rid of AVG it’s become somewhat bloated. I would also skip out on spybot it’s old school, Malwarebytes scanner much better.

    I would remove avg it’s becoming bloated.

    How to run AVG Remover Tool 32 bit see link scroll down a bit download the tool to make sure all of AVG is removed.


    Only run 1 Anti Virus program.

  4. Masa says:

    1.I Use Anti-virus Avast, both free, for a anti-malware program use malwarebytes anti-malware, free also, a very good program that is light on the pc as well
    2.Use The Best Browser Mozilla Firefox it is Best Web Browser Than internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking; tab-browsing; integrated Google search; simplified privacy controls; a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser; and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online.
    Avast! Free Edition,Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ,Firefox the best
    Read more.http://best-antivirus-antispyware-malware.blogspot.com/

  5. brother_lu says:

    get ‘hijack this’ .. it’s really useful.

    but i think you can get it as needed.. it’s not preventative, it’s a diagnostic tool that logs your registry and other files (it actually doesn’t DO anything, but you post the log on tech forums and it makes it easier for the experts to see what’s wrong). it can be useful for security, but it’s really great if something (besides a virus) goes wrong with your computer.. errors, bsod, quirky activity, etc

    besides that.. just make sure your browser is safe (firefox, greasemonkey, noscript, adblocker plus)

  6. Wide Glide says:

    Get rid of AVG,it’s worthless.
    Unless you are a above average user then Ok on SS&D, if not leave it alone,good program just not for everyone.
    Use SUPERAntiSpyware>http://www.superantispyware.com/
    Windows Defender is disabled by MSE and is no longer needed
    Extra info on MSE
    Introducing Microsoft Security Essentials
    Checklist for Installing Microsoft Security Essentials
    Check out the support you get with MSE at last link!
    ATF cleaner/will cleanup behind Ccleaner just does not have the functions of Ccleaner
    SpywareBlaster adds extra protection to Internet Explorer and to Firefox.
    Not a scanner/adds hosts files to IE and Firefox to protect them!

  7. Arrrgh!! says:

    Windows Defender won’t do anything because Microsoft Security Essentials disables it. Uninstall AVG because Microsoft Security Essentials is an anti-virus (so is AVG, but MSE is better), otherwise you’ll have problems soon if you keep 2 anti-viruses on your computer (it doesn’t make you anymore secure either).

    After that, you are in pretty good shape, although CCleaner is made for cleaning junk files to make your PC faster and it won’t necessarily enhance your protection. I personally think Malwarebytes’ is enough so you don’t need SpyBot. As for your Internet Browser, Internet Explorer isn’t very safe so if you’re using that use something else, like Mozilla Firefox (http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/ ), Opera (http://www.opera.com/ ), or Google Chrome (http://www.google.com/chrome ).

    The Web of Trust add-on (http://www.mywot.com/ ) for Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE tells you if the website you are on is a malicious/phishing site. I recommend that because it keeps you safe on the web.

    Other tips to keep your Windows System safe: Make sure you do Windows Updates when they are available (Control Panel->Windows Update), especially the security updates. Also make sure your programs are up to date. FileHippo.com Update Checker (http://www.filehippo.com/updatechecker/ )
    is a quick program that checks for the updates of your computer. Lastly be careful for the websites you visit with some common sense.

  8. marvlwoods says:

    cant have two anti virus programs at the same time. avg and microsoft security essentials(MSE) are both anti virus.

    here is what i would recommend

    1. uninstall avg. Microsoft security essentials(MSE) is better than avg.

    2. leave MSE and malwarebytes there.

    3. download threatfire. it is a behavioral antivirus that works with MSE


    it is a great program for those rogue antivirus programs.

    keep malwarebytes updated and run a full scan every week.

    edit: read about threatfire here. everyone should have it


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