what does GAO stands for in computer security?

what does GAO stands for in computer security. I think it is a standard or an org.

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  1. bludnmunycorp says:

    According to fas.org, here is the following:

    Information Security: Computer Attacks at Department of Defense Pose Increasing Risks
    (Chapter Report, 05/22/96, GAO/AIMD-96-84)

    Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed the extent to which Department of Defense (DOD) computer systems are attacked, focusing on the: (1) potential for further damage to DOD computer systems; and (2) challenges DOD faces in securing sensitive information on its computer systems.

    GAO found that: (1) DOD relies on a complex information infrastructure to design weapons, identify and track enemy targets, pay soldiers, mobilize reservists, and manage supplies; (2) use of the Internet to enhance communication and information sharing has increased DOD exposure to attack, since the Internet provides unauthorized users a means to access DOD systems; (3) while the DOD information available on the Internet is unclassified, it is sensitive and must be restricted; (4) only about 1 in 500 attacks is detected and reported, but the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) estimates that DOD is attacked about 250,000 times per year; (5) attackers have stolen, modified, and destroyed data and software, disabled protection systems to allow future unauthorized access, and shut down entire systems and networks to preclude authorized use; (6) security breaches pose a serious risk to national security because terrorists or U.S. adversaries could disrupt the national information infrastructure; (7) security breaches cost DOD hundreds of millions of dollars annually; and (8) DOD needs to increase the resources devoted to computer security, update the policies that govern computer security, and increase security training for system and network administrators.

    ————————— Indexing Terms —————————–

    TITLE: Information Security: Computer Attacks at Department of
    Defense Pose Increasing Risks
    DATE: 05/22/96
    SUBJECT: Computer networks
    Computer crimes
    Computer security
    Computer viruses
    Confidential records
    Defense communications operations
    IDENTIFIER: Internet
    DISA Vulnerability Analysis and Assessment Program
    DISA Defense Information Warfare Management Plan
    Air Force Automated Security Incident Measurement Project
    DOD Defense Message System
    Army Automated Intrusion Monitoring System
    GAO, scrolling down on the webpage, is said to stand for General Accounting Office. Mouthful isn’t it? :P

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