What else can I get for my computer’s Security?

Currently I’m using cc cleaner, spy bot, adaware, malwarebytes, spywareblaster and an systemantic(spelling) anti virus. What else can I get I recently got that security suite virus and I wondering do i need more protection.

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  1. TempoOne says:

    “The Secunia PSI is a FREE security tool designed to detect vulnerable and out-dated programs and plug-ins which expose your PC to attacks. Attacks exploiting vulnerable programs and plug-ins are rarely blocked by traditional anti-virus and are therefore increasingly “popular” among criminals…”

    In other words, you can use all the anti-viruses and MalwareBytes and blasters and bots in the world…if your machine is not patched, you are going get “hit”. By crap like Security Suite.

    Free from:

  2. Ed G says:

    You’ve got about 4 more security programs than you need. All you really need is a good anti-virus program or Internet Security Suite. And maybe Malwarebytes anti-malware. Every program you listed would not stop security suite when it was first released, not one of them. You need to spend a little time learning how malware gets on a computer, then you can easily protect your computer. Most of those rouge anti virus programs get on through security vulnerabilities. Look at the free program Secunia.

  3. Dunbar Pappy ϟϟ says:

    Your escalating Windows defenses, and the ceaseless need to add more and more defense to cure your paranoia, should have by now convinced you that using Windows on the Internet is a hopeless and futile task.
    Stop using Windows on the Internet.
    Use some flavor of Linux for that, and be done with the insanity.
    The blessed relief from that ball and chain is well worth the 20 minutes to install Ubuntu.

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