What else should i add to my computer security?

Okay, since my norton security is about to expire, i added Avast! home edition, IObit Security 360 and Advanced SystemCare V3…does my pc need anything else or is it protected??

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  1. Nik says:

    I don’t know a lot about avast but make sure you aint got the free version you are a lot safer with a paid version.

    Also make sure your routers password and user name is not the standard one other wise people can get onto your network.

    Your computer looks quite good though

  2. Sara says:

    its protected, avast its a really good programme, but if you want another programme anti-virus, dowload the AVG it’s a very good anti-virus. But if you going to search anti-virus and show up one named Panda, dont install because it is not a good anti-virus and sometimes if you want open a file that programme dont let you

  3. Chrono says:

    The most effective anti virus is ESET. it has products like ESET Smart Security 4,Nod32 Version 4

    Hi,,,,can you please do this,,,,,anyone who says that any
    anti-virus is as good or better then eset smart security4,,,,,,,
    Please list the virus,,and then the date and time that your
    anti-virus picked it up,,,and the time Eset smart security 4 picked it up,,,

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