What Free Internet Security Should I Choose?

I currently have these protection programmes on my computer:

AVG Free Edition
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Windows Defender
Windows Firewall

I was wondering whether I need an internet security programme?
If so any recommendations for a free internet security programme?

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  1. iCanFly says:

    you shouldn’t have multiple anti virus programs on your computer!

    windows firewall isnt even being used on your computer right now because your antivirus firewall is, unless you disable it an re-enable windows fire wall!

    id reccomend getting microsoft security essentials am removing the top two you posted

  2. TheArfen says:

    malwarebytes is only any good if it is paid for and is set to protect your computer.

    Windows defender is just microsoft crapware and is of no use what-so-ever.

    AVG is total crap.

    here is some free information for all you AVG free lovers.

    AVG Free contains basic antivirus protection (base level only).

    AVG Free does not contain Anti-Rootkit protection so rootkits may be hidden in your system.

    AVG Free does not contain Anti-Spam which can monitor and block SPAM and fraudulent e-mails.

    AVG Free does not contain the new Safe Downloads & Instant Messaging protection (Web Shield technology)
    so it does not screen your downloads and communication for viruses and spyware.

    AVG Free only includes the Safe Search protection which provides you with advice on search results.
    It does not protect against infected pages. Only AVG paid versions contain the Safe Surf technology.

    Have a look at this lot.

    Comodo Internet Security : http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/free-internet-security.php

    use side by side with

    Security 360 Free : http://www.iobit.com/security360.html

    Then there is,

    Avast : http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_4_home.html

    you can not get a better anti virus system for free.
    it has many features you will have to pay for in other systems.

    don’t forget to register or you will only have it for 30 days
    by registering you will get a licence for a full year.
    just re-register at the end of the year to get another one year licence.

    if you do not like the look of Avast
    then microsoft supply a system for free..

    Microsoft Security Essentials : http://www.microsoft.com/Security_Essentials/

    the next best free one is Avira

    Avira : http://www.free-av.com/en/products/1/avira_antivir_personal__free_antivirus.html

    remember you must only have one antivirus system on your computer at anyone time.

    if you feel you would be even safer with a software firewall also, then
    try this one it’s also free and it has no conflicts with avast


    or this one

    comodo comes with it’s own firewall.


  3. Glenn says:

    Bare in mind I base my information on facts, any thumbs down given to me will be given by Fanbois or people with no insight into the security world, or basically people which base their information on online-tests which uses year old malware and rate AVG as the top 4 (AVG is the worst product after IOBit360)

    WRONG the only free all-in-one security package is Comodo Internet Security so there does exist a free solution,

    The Arfen is miss informing, and Anti Spam is not needed as most uses web based email and anti spam does not scan those mails (99.9% of all anti spam works with Microsoft Outlook)

    Avira is by no means the second best free anti virus solution, and IObit 360 is the worst product, they were top-notch back in the old days when they STOLE definitions from Malwarebytes (the best anti malware)

    The best free solutions based on protection
    1. Comodo Internet Security
    2. Avast
    3. Avira or Microsoft Security Essentials (Online tests are fraud, I base my facts on Youtube tests and personal experience/tests)

    I will now re create you’re internet security set-up to give you better protection.

    Anti Virus
    This is lighter and more efficent then Avg, bare in mind AVG free does not include an anti rootkit. Rootkits being really really dangerous viruses

    Anti Malware
    I added SaS to the list as some malware are aimed at taking down for example Malwarebytes and therefor an additional software to back it up is needed

    http://www.comodo.com (Download their firewall, untick their anti virus)
    This is because Comodo Firewall provides even more comprehensive protection then Windows Firewall

    Web Browser
    http://www.firefox.com (with their addons WoT “Web Of Thrust” and AdBlock +


    http://www.comodo.com (Their Internet Security Solution)
    Comodo has made a really comprehensive internet security solution, IT DOES SLOW YOU’RE PC DOWN, but is currently the second best protection out there.

    Comodo Internet Security is in 3 parts, An Anti Virus, Defence + and Sandbox, this is very essential as if something is not detected by the anti virus, it’s behaviour will be detected by defence +, but if defence + cannot detect it the sandbox will 100% sandbox the program making any actions taken by the software non-dangerous.

    Comodo Internet Security
    + Features insane protection
    + It’s free
    + It features an advanced Task Manager which detects malicious processes not listed in Windows Task Manager
    + It works like 3 seperate programs and therefor it is much more secure then other softwares which might if infected with a program aimed at that specific product break down with no back-up

    – It is a little heavy on recourses
    – Their anti virus is not as effective as it should be (The defence + is great though)
    – A little annoying when it detects some false possitive softwares, and does not remove them giving you the same alert everytime unless you put the program under trusted.

  4. TempoOne says:

    You are fine with that combination, as ONLY one of them is anti-virus.

    You have 1 anti-virus (AVG)

    You have 1 anti-spyware (Defender)

    You have 1 specialised malware removal tool (MalwareBytes)

    You have 1 firewall (guess which one)

    What you have done is to basically “build” your own internet security suite for free.

    There are NO free “all-in-one” internet security suites.

    Although, personally I would have choosen a better free anti-virus thanj AVG. Something like Avast. While AVG is wildly popular with children and the computer illiterate but has historically had the lowest virus detection rate of all the popular free anti-virus programs.

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