What is a good all in one internet security package?

I have been using zone alarm extreme security for the last 2 yrs and if im honest i think it is terrible, had my comp hacked, constant errors etc. I am looking to go with a different company can you give me any advice? Commodo internet security looks interesting…
Thanks for your replies, but i have heard countless times that AVG is just plain awful and i have had bit defender before and had nothing but trouble.

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  1. chaud_1992 says:

    Throw your zone alarm in the garbage, get Bit defender internet security, cheap and effective (VERY effective, google top 10 best antiviruses and realize)

  2. Brian says:

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a good free one. But if you’re looking for something paid, try Kaspersky. Personally I don’t think you need paid anti virus.

  3. Perkins says:

    Antivirus/Anti-malware: Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Reason: Lightweight, runs in background, VERY good detection rates for viruses, file scanner built in

    Firewall: Windows firewall

    Others may disagree, but seeing as most routers now have built-in firewalls, you don’t really need anything above Windows firewall.

    Overall Cost: 0.00

  4. Taurus Fan... says:

    I would vouch by AvanQuest’s System Utilites.

    McAfee sucks so much, that I had to mention it here. I recently bought it and down into the drain went 59.99. And then I returned to my faithful AvanQuest System Utilities.

  5. Dtoolman says:

    If you are always attached to a router and not directly to the modem then I would recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, it’s FREE. Go to: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials
    I love free.
    All the software on my PC is free, except Games and my OS.

    Oh yea, Zone Alarm sucks.

    Remember, no matter what anti virus u have it’s not going to change ur surfing/PC habits. Thats where u get viruses now-a-days most of the time. Opening bad emails and going to the wrong web sites.

  6. Don says:

    the best is ZeroBank.com it will encrypt your entire computer and transmit your data over their secure severs it’s not free they offer a non-encrypted free service but it’s though the onion network and does not encrypt your data and is slow…

  7. Connor says:

    Norton Internet Security. I’ve had nothing but great things with this program. Macfee is a little on the cheaper side but it also comes with less protection. I haven’t heard of a perfect security program but ever since I have had norton nothing has gotten through and damaged my computer. I used to get hacked all the time but now thats over with for the moment.

    If you’re interested in more of a freeware standpoint check out this website: http://cypherpunk.webs.com/ Its still being constructed but it already has some good freeware downloads for security. Only down side is you have to become a member, but its just your standard message board not a scheme thing that shares your info with other parties.

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