what is a good, free computer security?

i had McAfee but the subscription needs to be renewed and i wanted to have a free security system. my computer has gotten very noticeably slower after McAfee stopped and i really need to have it scanned and cleared of viruses. suggestions?

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  1. noor says:

    AVG , Avira , symantec business edition, download from torrents the best free antivirus softwares

  2. markthemod says:

    comodo is good, it is free and they have lots of stuff on the site….antivirus, firewall, system cleaner, anti spam, anti malware and more

  3. K. says:

    1.Turn on your Windows firewall (see links below)
    2. Create a system restore point (see links below).
    3.Reboot your computer.
    4.Download and run the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool to remove any leftover
    traces of the program (Seee link below)
    5.Re-boot your computer when the program is finished running.
    6.After re-booting check to make sure windows firewall is still running.
    7.Go to http://www.comodo.com and download the free COMODO Internet Security Premium suite.
    8.Disconnect your computer from the internet.
    9.Install COMODO Internet Security Premium Suite (FREE), and follow all of the prompts.
    10.Reconnect your computer to the internet.
    11.Check that COMODO has turned off Windows fire wall in your security settings, if not turn it
    off, make sure COMODO is turned on.
    12.Run the updates for both the COMODO firewall and antivirus programs.
    13.Run a complete system scan.

    Note: I do not work for Comodo or affiliated with any of its holding companies, I like their products and recommend them as well as other companies.

  4. Lyne says:

    Many good antivirus software just scan for free, I think, like “InstantSpywareRemoval”

  5. ANDROID says:

    You can get a free trial of kaspersky. That does a great job. Just so you know you can get macafee for free still if you are an aol user.

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