What is API Security? – Security Boulevard

Today’s world is software-driven — from banking to posting on social media, all the most common activities are built on digital foundations. And, increasingly, that software is held together by an intricate web of application programming interfaces (APIs).

No matter your organization’s size and industry, it’s likely running numerous API-powered software tools. In fact, you may be surprised just how many APIs are running under the hood of your networks, applications, and databases.

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This ubiquity of APIs raises an important question: What are you doing about API security? This is the kind of query every company has to find an answer to because it’s no longer enough to assume that the access and security control methods developed to protect software are up to the task of detecting or closing an API vulnerability.

When an IT security team is unable to keep up with API security — due to a variety of factors from distributed development or poor coding practices to a lack of process documentation — these interfaces can be a large and risky attack surface. Bad actors won’t hesitate to exploit such a target. Developing an actionable strategy to protect your APIs is an essential response to the security climate as it exists right now.

The Importance and Challenges of API Security

APIs are everywhere, and the numbers back it up. Cequence’s research has revealed that out of 21.1 billion app requests made over six months, 70% came from APIs — that’s 14.4 billion requests.

Developers are rolling out new software functionality and iterating as quickly as possible. Many have turned to APIs as a favored method of creating seamless communication between different systems. Building out online functionality is much simpler with an API, which contains all the necessary commands, payload and data to build out an engaging experience in a way that’s both fast and effective.

The convenience of API-based design has led to them becoming part of every type of business application imaginable, from e-commerce inventory solutions to mobile app connections and payment portals. Companies are turning to API-based solutions to handle increasingly large numbers of business-to-business…