What is Computer Security and how do I become an expert in it?

Do I need to have programming skills? If yes, which languages do I need to know/ work with?
If programming skills are not needed, what is needed?

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  1. Netalarm says:

    Computer security deals with securing computers and their networks…..
    No programming skills are needed, unless you want to search for bugs in programs etc

  2. Willy says:

    Some universities offer courses or/and you can enroll for a course at one of the specialist malware removal forums, such as MalwareRemoval.com although I don’t think they are accepting new entrants at the moment.

  3. Dunbar Pappy says:

    Start with free background knowledge and narrow down your choices as you go along.
    A fab place to start is ‘Security Now’; a long running series of podcasts, with Steve Gibson & Leo LaPorte in a casual ‘chat’ format, covering basic computer security, internet, networking, and it’s easy to understand (in a relative way.)
    Start with episode 1, and go from there.
    You won’t be sorry.


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