What Is Cybersecurity? Everything You Need To Know – Forbes Advisor Australia

Cybersecurity professionals can work in many different sectors to protect sensitive data from bad actors. After gaining industry experience, they can pursue management-level roles to oversee departments and craft organizational security efforts.

The following section explores common cybersecurity careers.

Chief Information Security Officer

Average Annual Salary: Around $184,000

Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology, master’s degree often preferred

Job Description: CISOs prepare for, manage and assess cyberthreats. These senior, executive-level professionals oversee and implement organisations’ cybersecurity and information security efforts. CISOs, which may also carry the title of chief security officer, typically collaborate with other executives to reduce damages related to breaches and ensure that security programs meet organisational goals.

Larger employers may require CISOs to hold seven to 10 years of experience in information security and/or cybersecurity. Many hiring managers seek candidates with master’s degrees, but more professional experience can often stand in for formal education.

Though certification is not required for the role, CISOs can pursue relevant credentials like certified information systems security professional (CISSP) and certified chief information security officer to increase their earning power and career opportunities.

Information Security Analyst

Median Annual Salary: $90,000

Required Education: High school diploma and experience, bachelor’s degree in computer science preferred

Job Description: Information security analysts assist organisations by scanning computer systems and networks for potential breaches. They use data encryption software and firewalls to safeguard data and communications. These professionals set companies’ security standards and apply security best practices while remaining current on changes and trends in the field.

Information security analysts primarily work in computer systems design and other related professions, along with the finance and insurance sectors. They often work alongside computer systems analysts and network administrators, requiring strong…