What is Exploratory Testing? Its Role in Agile Software Development

Exploratory testing can be defined as the simultaneous test designing and execution process. Unlike “traditional” testing methods, it does not restrict testing to a predefined set of instructions. Rather it encourages the tester to explore and discover potential testing cases in any application.

For instance, a software tester can create a test “idea” at the start and then explore the target application to create additional tests for successfully testing the application. With minimum planning, software testers can use their expertise to determine their next action step “on the fly.”

Why is exploratory testing gaining importance for today’s application development? Today, application companies demand continuous testing and integration to meet changing customer expectations and market demands. A structured approach to software testing (based on defining set test cases) is no longer adequate. With exploratory testing, testing teams can now convert a “user story” (with a sequence based on user persona) into a test case.

How does this type of testing elevate Agile? Let’s explore next.