What is Internet Security 2010, is it real or fake, and how can I remove it from my computer?

I was on Facebook yesterday and something called Internet Security popped up claiming that I have viruses, worms, and trojans on my computer. What is it and how can I uninstall it?

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  1. Wide Glide says:

    Internet Security Removal guide>http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-internet-security-2010
    Or see here>http://profiles.yahoo.com/blog/MYZY6OZSXLXDWHAGKYGDLXHODU?eid=DbANxDAymX5RFMeDisksDDUUIVUE_S4wYeI8B3TY3ly.TuhK6g

  2. 7af7 says:


    Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from here:


    Install it, update it and then let it do a full system scan. It will remove the rogue software off your computer.

    DON’T leave it any longer or log on to any other site until you remove this crapware program, as this so-called “antivirus” can steal your login details, hog all available resources of your PC and screw with your computer in the worst ways imaginable (it killed my friend’s motherboard after he ignored it for a month).

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