What is the best all-in-one security suite for a new computer, and why do you think so?

I want to get a new computer, but I don’t know what kind of security to get. I want a suite so that I don’t have a bunch of programs to install, but I don’t want a program that costs X amount per year. I would rather have it be a one-time-only payment.

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  1. ChubbyD says:

    Norton 360v2. I did my research on this and discovered that the new 360 has improved immensely. I did not intend to get Norton when I bought my new HP but, I checked around, decided to go for it, and I am 100% satisfied! I feel totally safe and it doesn’t bog my pc down at all. It has caught alot of stuff. I have it on three computers,(that’s the Marxism number of pcs), and I am a Norton fan, once again!

  2. AliliPrince says:

    Avira Premium Security Suite.Well according to AV-Comparatives.org an independent Antivirus testing lab Avira is the best so far.Check it out

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