What is the best computer security course (see below) to start ?

I have no comp. security knowledge except i know to scan and click heal/repair and update the anti-virus program.


Cisco CCNA 640-801



Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

FileMaker Security

Introduction To Computer Forensics

Linux Security

TCP/IP for Windows

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  1. Helping Since 1969 says:

    none of the above. if its security you want then security is what you should look for. You will need to look into something like a networking course, or a level 2 support/certification course. These will start you out with the easier security solutions and give you the groundwork necessary to move to the next level of it security.

  2. Malachim says:

    Rather depends why you want to do this, but in all likelihood none of the above are any use to you.

    Unless you work for a big company or an big ISP you will never see Cisco router. True the knowledge will cross over but realistically there is no point in you taking a CCNA

    As for CISSP, if you have to ask you are years, many years from even thinking of such a strict exam. In terms military terms, you are talking the Elite, handpicked from the best of the best in SAS / Navy Seals / whatever.
    Might have changed over the years but time was when couldn’t even apply to sit the tests unless you were already a recognised expert in your field.

    Ethical hacking? *twitch*

    You have to ask why you want to do these, what career path you want to take, and so forth. Also whether you want to go down the Linux path, or Windows. You can /learn/ both, but it’s a rare old bird that’s an expert in both.

    My tuppence?
    Look at Comptia’s Network+, Security+ A+ and Network+
    It you are going the MS route, some of these count towards the MCSE.

    One thing – the exams, if you pass, are just bits of paper. If you can’t back it up with real world knowledge and experience you will never get a got with any decent company.

  3. Stephanus J Alex Taidri says:

    Network Security is consist of several computer discipline skills range from Computer Essentials (including: Operating Systems, Networking Applications), Computer Programming/Scripting, Networking Essentials (TCP/IP, Network Monitoring, Internetworking, etc) and also some hands-on experiences using and applying all the discipline above.

    My advices, try to take the course in the following order:

    1. CompTIA Computer+ and CompTIA Network+ or just jump start with Cisco CCNA 640-801
    2. Continue with serveral Microsoft MCP series in Administering Windows Environment or CompTIA Linux+ or RedHat certified class (depend on what OS you’re willing to deep into)
    3. And then you may continue with CompTIA Security+ or CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) or Cisco CCSP or CISSP

    Don’t forget to learn on how network application works and do some hands-on before you taking any of its exams :)

    Happy learning.

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