What is the best computer security program out?

I made a post about how to stop popups before but it seems like i need one of these programs. What would you say i should?

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  1. g4acre says:

    I use spyware doctor & PcCillin and never have any trouble. both cost but you get what you pay for. so free not that good. good luck.

  2. What You Know Bout That says:

    The best one for free is Avast or Avira not AVG.The best one to pay for is Kaspersky that I know of and heard NOD32 was good if your worried about popups use SuperAdblocker download it from http://www.download.com

  3. Samuel Adams says:

    I use NOD32 & Spybot. Kaspersky is also just as good as NOD32 and Ad-aware is also really good.

    But you really need anti-spyware applications to prevent pop-ups (Spybot & Ad-aware).

  4. John D says:

    To me it is a tie Kaspersky or Panda. Then Norton and Trend Micro then Mcaffee. All of these programs are excellent to use. But the ratings are just my opinion. I have Norton I wanted to change it to Panda, but it is challenging to install it.

  5. waldomania says:

    Kaspersky internet security 7.0.125 is the best program.
    if ur license is in the black list like my case. u can’t update ur program. u’d beter install kaspersky 6. u can update it easily without problems..

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