What is the best computer security program you can get?

I don’t care about cost, no matter how expensive it is, if it is the best I want to know about it.

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  1. mario says:

    Norton sucks, ya if u want to keep it for the rest of your computers life it was a pain to uninstall it. it like perminitly embeds it in your hard drive or something i would reccomend AVG anit-virus it is free and works great

  2. Todd A says:

    Knowledge is the best tool.You have to basically think like the person who would be attacking you.What would he/she be looking for?default passwords.File printer sharing at startup.especially your router.Your surfing habits.

  3. Trailerpark Pirate says:

    H.I.P.S systems are the future of antivirus?
    Sandboxie and Defencewall H.I.P.S are the top H.I.P.S programs.
    Their pretty much hacker proof at the moment?

    “Shadow Defender” is the best and easiest security program that Ive ever used!

    There’s so many new viruses coming out everyday normal anti-virus like Norton can’t keep up and even then, all they do is repair some of the damage done by malware after the fact,and your left with a damaged OS to deal with!
    Well to counter this new concepts are being used to fight malware and virtual is the way to go! With Shadow Defender I can download anything I want including torrents and try out new programs and if I don’t like them or their loaded with malware all I have to do is restart my computer and their gone! Like they were a figment of my imagination! (No trace it was ever installed,no orphan reg keys,nothing) I still use Malwarebytes as a backup and so far so good no infections.(You can even play with viruses in a virtual environment and when you get bored with them all you do is restart your computer and their gone 100%!)
    (Shareware) try it for free for 30 days?

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