What is the best computer security system money can buy?

I really don’t care about free prorams or paying, all I want is something good. If you want, say what’s the best paid program and what’s the best free program.

Whatever Else
Also, what’s your opinion on the Windows Live OneCare?

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  1. gtxx1015 says:


    lol i use NOD 32 and comodo firewall with spybot

    its worked great so far

    NOD32 is like 30 – 50 bucks
    and Comodo is free is google both for their links

    and spy bot is free too

    they are all great and so far everything seems to work great to me .. comp runs just as fast as the last day i reinstalled windows ( three months ago)

    sometimes free is better than money :]

  2. Sky Walker says:

    The best computer security software available for a common man is free – its called GNU/Linux.

    On windows, or on any other os in general, the real safety depends on your surfing habits.

    I just use (on windows) Avast antivirus, Spybot and Zone Alarm firewall. Never got any malware; even though I go to a lot of torrent sites and also use frostwire. That’s not because of the security software I use, but because I know what I’m downloading.

  3. Anthony says:

    Okay, from somebody who has payed for and tested almost all the names in anti-virus software, here goes.

    AVG Anti-Virus: Best program around. It comes in a free version, 35.00 Version (Pro), and 55.00 version (Total Protection).

    CCleaner: This free program eliminates all the junk from your computer with one click. It clears your temp file, cookies, you name it. All the junk.

    Spybot S&D: Another free program that specializes in the removal of Spyware. Spybot Search and Destroy is the full name.

  4. dr.bucksnort says:

    nothing beats good old common sense

    I use Avast , and keep my pc clean with cccleaner and from time to time i run combofix . I have never had a issue with my pc and it still runs faster then a 300lb escaped jenny craig member at a all you can eat buffet

  5. ★Eric★ says:

    Hello. Glad to answer your question today!

    When it comes to internet security for my Computer My demands are high. I think everyones should be.

    I have used and Recommend to everyone WINDOWS LIVE ONECARE. I have used it for 3 years and have never been attacked by a virus.
    It not only protects your computer but also has a PC TUNEUP feature to keep your pc fast and reliable. Also it has a great backup feature.

    You can get it FREE for 90!! Days on there website. There are no limitations.

    ANTISPYWARE: Although WL onecare has built in antispyware its still good to use another program along side it as well. I use WEBROOT ANTISPYWARE. I have found it to be very effective.

    I hope I have helped you.

    ★Good Luck! If You need any additional Help Feel free to Email me directly via my profile page -Eric.™

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