What is the best computer security to use?

So looking for good computer security not Norton, that is good for non mac computers?
what would the best anti virus be to go with?
its not for my computer as I got a mac but my parents are using windows XP and vista so for those what would the best be.

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  1. shadowhacker says:

    i use avg so
    my recommendation is to go to soft-keys.tk go to the anti-virus section and download avg anti-virus
    then install it and then activate it by going to the help menu and clicking on activate and use one of the keys provided from my site soft-keys.tk
    then do a full scan
    by the shadowhacker (halohacks1 on youtube)
    hope i helped

  2. pack4an says:

    the best security is programs like Defense wall, Geswall, Returnil, Sandboxie and theres others just add a good anti virus with one and you should be worry free some is 99.% effective better than any anti virus

    since you say anti virus now the best and most under rated anti virus is Comodo Internet Security but you have to know some how it works and how to set it up it has a very strong Defense + system and sandbox but for them get Avast with Comodo firewall

  3. Doug says:

    any version of linux, the most popular being ubuntu, windows viruses do not operate on this platform and eliminate the need for an active antivirus, also it can run on less memory and be more customizable, and also, WHEN, not if you get a windows issue, virus or glitch, ubuntu can help you get back to your data you thought was unreachable

  4. sh. g. says:

    best antivirus is YOU. there is no best. there is BAD tho. norton and mcafee are worst than the viruses. at least when you get the virus you know what hits you. with norton or mcafee you dont know who the bad guy is. i use avg and winpatrol.

  5. thebig_a_27 says:

    avast is a good one, free version or paid version. i’ve seen it find and clean viruses that others missed or couldn’t remove (AVG, nod32, and especially norton).

  6. Ed G says:

    It’s for your parents, so you need to rule out programs like Comodo, Defense wall and stuff like that. What you need is a all in one program. One that is easy to use set and forget. Get one of the Internet Security Suites. Kaspersky, Bitdefender, or even Mcafee. You could even go with the windows firewall and the Avast free version. Since your parents are probably low risk users. You don’t have to get into one of the hard as nails security programs. Which are harder to set up and need user inter action to work right.

  7. ThomasGreen says:

    You can recommend them to read
    Security Guidelines for safe computing:

    As a user’s habit plays a crucial role in virus prevention.

    Five Steps for safe computing :

    1. Use a Limited User Account: Minimizing the impacts of Viruses on your computer
    (Least Privilege Approach)

    2. Use a Sandbox:Against Viruses installed via browsers without your knowledge
    (drive-by download)

    Geswall / Sandboxie (use only one)

    3. Use a USB Vaccine:against thrumbdrive Viruses (autorun viruses)
    Panda USB Vaccine

    4. Use an antivirus: Viruses Detection and Removal

    Avast / Microsoft Security Essentials (use only one)

    5.Use a Firewall: Against Network Attacks and viruses connection back to the hacker (phoning home)

    Windows Firewall (lacks outbound protection)
    / Zonealarm / PCTools (use only one)


    These steps are equally important, you must use all of them to achieve good security.

    Regular Backup is also a good way of surviving a virus infection.

    Free versions are available.

  8. ANDROID says:

    I like Windows Defender.That is good to use.Kaspersky or NOD32 are the best to get for computer security. There actually the top best listed.

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