What Is the best Computer Security?

I ask this as I am planning on buying security this weekend, but I don’t know a whole lot about this kind of thing. I am just a generall computer user, i do have a website and spend a lot of time online and send a lot of Emails if this helps.

I have heard of Norton and AVG but thats as far as my knowledge on the subject goes, I would really appreciate some feedback.

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  1. Sexy Scottish Kool Aid Man says:

    I have to agree with joel ( above ) installing those 2 programmes along with Spybot & Spywareblaster will keep your PC safe ..All these programmes are free so keep your money for Santa …Can download them from Download.com

  2. Persia Best says:

    for free download avast http://www.avast.com/ and malwarebytes http://www.malwarebytes.org and you’re all set.
    if you wanna buy stuff, you have choice:
    1-G DATA best detection avilable (99,8%) a little hard to use.
    1-AVG Internet Security -98,5%
    2-Kapsresky 2010 -98%
    3-BitDefender -97,8% -easy to use
    these are top 4 best antivirus softwares avilable

  3. Dunbar Pappy says:

    Most of the ideas above are solid advice…
    Just add this bit of knowledge:
    Casual surfing & look-ups of things you just happen to be interested in @ the moment can lead to sites where you have no clue about that site. This is true for everyone.

    A few guidelines, adopting safe habits, methods & tool mod’s will help keep the bad guys out in the first place.
    First, use IE only for getting Windows Updates; it’s riddled with security issues which allow many serious problems.

    Install Firefox, with these mod’s:
    ►FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy> top drop menu set to “Firefox will use custom settings…”> Check ‘Accept Cookies from sites’
    & Un-Check ‘Accept 3rd Party cookies’

    This list is a few of the essential items you should have.
    Note that the Internet is so fluid and dynamic, and exploits crop up almost hourly, it is imperative to stay current with all phases of Windows defensive measures, and keep all rubbish out: stopped @ your doorstep.
    ►►Better Privacy:
    ►AdBlock Plus:
    ►Flashblock Plus:
    ►Ghostery (reveal the web bugs, ad networks and widgets on every page);
    [After install it MUST be turned “ON”: FF Tools> add-on’s> Extensions> Ghostery> Options button> Blocking tab> “Select” All & “ON”> Save.
    [Thanks “SurfUp” contributor].
    ►Web of Trust:

    Most of these will confine your interaction with a website (which is a good thing: i.e. allowing you to verify if you want the interaction), but on the other hand, they speed up browser page loads, as they block a lot of the 3rd party assets being requested from remote servers.

  4. Masa says:

    We often get asked the question: “What is the best free antivirus software?”
    The best free antivirus software is actually a combination of several different free software programs. If you combine the right programs, you will have a good level of protection for your computer. The free software will protect you from virus, malware, spyware, hackers, phishing, scams, fraud web sites, and a lot more. All of the freebies on our list will give you real time protection against threats both known and unknown.
    In order to give your computer a high level of protection, you need the following: (1) antivirus (2) antispyware (3) firewall (4) secure web browser (5) anti-hack tool (6) fraud, scam, and phishing filter (7) a good sandbox to isolate your browser and other programs while they are running.
    Here are the freebies:
    1. Antivirus: Choose one – Avira or Avast.
    2. Antispyware: Choose one – Malwarebytes or Spyware Doctor.
    3. Firewall: Zone Alarm.
    4. Secure web browser: Explorer 8 and/or Firefox.
    5.Anti-hack tool: SnoopFree Privacy Shield
    6. Fraud and phishing filter: We recommend that you use both WOT (Web of Trust) and Site Advisor.
    7. Sand Box: This is for for added safety, virus protection, etc. We recommend Sandboxie.
    We do want to add this one thought:

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