What is the best free computer security setup?

Right now I’m using the free versions of Avast, Malwarebytes, and Comodo Firewall. Is this the best free setup? Are there any I should add? Are there any I should switch. Please, don’t suggest ones you have to pay for.

Also, is Malwarebytes an anti-malware AND anti-spyware or just an anti-malware?

Any good answers will be appreciated.

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  1. XxMcshiversxX says:

    Spyware is technically a type of malware (malware stands for malicious software) and that sounds like a pretty solid setup to me, though I’m against running multiple scanners as they like to clash or report false positives alot.

  2. Jasper M says:

    Those are good, might try one more, SuperAntiSpyware, This will scan for spyware, MBAM is for malware. ~

  3. danilo t says:

    add superantispyware and spyblaster in your list – antispyware/antimalware
    keyscrambler and or spyshelter – antikeylogger

    all of these are free and will not have incompatibility problems with your set up.
    MALWAREBYTES is more of a malware program than anantispyware hence the need for SAS And spyware blaster
    (which on the other hand, does not protect you from keyloggers hence the spyshelter or keyscrambler

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