What is the BEST free Firewall or an Internet Security Suite.?

Hi Frnz!
I got an xp os running system,
On which i want to perform “internet Banking” facility and for credit card usage for shoping .
Could u plz suggest me d best firewal and internet security suite which is FREE.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Matthew says:

    I’s get avg but the free version only provides basic protection which isnt that good. If you can spend like 40 bucks go to best buy and get webroot antivirus with antispyware, its great, Its not an internet security suite but it gives you awesome internet security.

  2. Gяαнαм ☠☠☠☠ says:

    Okay, the only effective free protection suite at the moment is Comodo Internet Security. It has an anti-virus and firewall in one.
    When using the Comodo Suite, it is also advised you use Ad-Aware to help stop any spyware that might try to sneak past.

    However, you can also use Avira AntiVir for anti-virus, along with Ad-Aware for anti-spyware and the Comodo Firewall Pro for a firewall.
    This set-up gives just as good protection as the suite.

    However, using anti-malware programs and having a firewall aren’t the only things you need when buying online.

    You should download the latest Mozilla Firefox, and then download the WOT, KeyScrambler, Secure Login and PhishTankSiteChecker add-ons:

    Also, make sure that whenever you enter credit card details the websites URL is “https://” instead of just “http://”

    I hope this helps
    Good luck

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