What is the best internet security in the world?

I need an internet security to prevent intruders accesing in to my computer. And also I need to prevent hackers from stealing my passwords.

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  1. IBMGuy says:

    An Unplugged Ethernet cable.

    Seriously though, Kaspersky Internet security 2010 is about the best it gets for the average home user.

  2. a2z says:

    haha lol @ IBMguy.

    There is no BEST internet security in the world. Because everyone like different ones. Some people like to have a lot of control over their internet security whereas others like to have it there so it takes care of everything for you.
    It also depends on what sort of computer you have, if you have a really good computer with heaps of RAM and a good processor then it dosen’t matter which one you get but if you have only 2gb RAM or something like that and a not so good processor then you need to choose a anti-virus which won’t take up heaps of your RAM and processor.

    My favourite anti-virus is Avast! anti-virus Professional edition. It is about $50 online.
    It has these features:

    Anti-spyware built-in Automatic updates
    Anti-rootkit built-in PUSH updates
    Strong self-protection Virus Chest
    Antivirus kernel System integration
    Simple User Interface Command-line scanner
    Enhanced User Interface Integrated Virus Cleaner
    Resident protection Support for 64-bit Windows
    Script blocker Internationalization
    P2P and IM Shields Network Shield
    Web Shield

    I think that any of the AV anti-viruses are good (Avira, AVG, Avast!) and I think that ESET Nod32 anti-virus is also very good but I haven’t tried it. I think I will get it when my Avast! runs out.


  3. vlj2002 says:

    No such thing, go get hardware firewall will be the best and use common sense. For software that consider really good would be Kaspersky Suite 2010 or Norton 2010.

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