What is the best internet security program for XP?

I have finally got Norton off of my laptop and installed Paretologic for the moment since dad’s offered to pay for it as I helped get Norton off his settings and installed panda for him.
Now since I have got rid of Norton, am I right to say I have no firewall? my windows security centre is still claiming Norton is my firewall, Paretologic is simply an anti spyware program so it doesn’t give full protection.
Any recommendations on a decent security program that doesn’t freak out every time I connect to the Internet, such as panda did?

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  1. ZcoolH says:

    Zone Alarm Pro has been the best I’ve used~ I have 4 years of experience using Zone Alarm pro with Win 2000 XP and now Vista. The new version also comes with Anti-Virus~ For spy ware i recommend spy-ware Doctor~ works great~

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