What is the best Paid internet security program or suite?

i’ve always used free programs and have never had a problem, but I was thinking of upgrading to the AVG internet security suite which you pay for. Thanks!

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  1. Terry says:

    I get good results with Kaspersky Internet Security. I use it to clean up clients’ computers that have been using other products. You can download a 30-day trial. No product is 100% effective, though.

  2. Bob says:

    For paid software I choose PCTools Spyware Doctor or Paretologic AV Plus. I keep away from Norton and Mcafee.

  3. Ed G says:

    I also used the free program for several years and never had a problem. I am now using one of the paid security suites. The reason is ease of use, I have one program that does it all and since security programs are always changing it’s just much easier keeping tabs on one program. I like Norton Internet Security It’s the top security suite in most of the big legit reviews. I also put it on all the computers I set up for security. The ones that are willing to have a paid software. I tested AVG internet security, and had a little problem with setting up the internet connection. I also know that avg detection rate has been on the low side in recent tests. But I must say, AVG internet Security did a fine job, and was easy to use. I think it will give you good protection and the ease of only having one security program. I also tested Kaspersky Internet Security and liked the program, but did not find it to be easy to use, and also thought the false positives it gave out to be unacceptable. In my opinion Norton Internet Security is the best paid option, I can back that up with the reviews it has received from PC mag, Maxim mag, PC world, laptop review,and other big test.
    I do believe that you should try the free trial of AVG and if you like it go with it. If unhappy give Norton a free trial.

  4. hero no .1 says:

    Currently , i would say stick to your free programs .
    The reason i say this is that the paid internet security ppl just put the same old product in a new pack and try to sell it at higher price .
    Plus no internet seecurity is so powerful to block all virus programs .
    Even our free programs provide better protection than them .

    Rest is your decision . Actually all of them come at almost same price so , it doesn’t matter what u purchase . But if you are still keen on getting a paid security program , then get Norton IS 2010 . its good .

    Good Luck

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